понеделник, 4 януари 2016 г.

Bulgaria - the peak of Russian pressure ahead with Putin loosing grip on economy

Advance notice of forthcoming analysis

As referred to this morning at Nova TV - Moscow will reopen the Bourgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline project in order to secure free transit of its Black sea oil to global market in the case of Bosphorus blockade by Erdogan. 

All sorts of strategic super ideas will start circulating including a Bosphorus bypass channel in Bulgaria and Greece 

Further souring of relations and possible conflict with Turkey should not be ruled out with Russian playing the proactive role. The worse it gets at home the more aggressive Putin will grow abroad. Getting rid of key witnesses/operative officers in the Crimea annexation and East Ukraine campaign marks a pivotal turning point. 

The Bulgarian government under renewed pressure/charming offensive from Moscow. 

More turbulence in Sofia expected as pro-Russia forces beef up their anti-Turkish rhetoric and try to enforce change in Bulgarian foreign policy. The key tune - Turkey will invade Bulgaria just as it did in Cyprus and NATO did not intervene.

Although a totally false argument - we will deal with this in a separate analysis - this line will find many receptive ears.

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