неделя, 14 февруари 2016 г.

The cold war that is getting hot - reading Munich

The Cold war is getting Hot. 
Medvedev signals in Munich an encore in Kremlin's war tactics. 
Putin remains at home and vague, 
Medvedev plays the concerned dove. 
Almost certain that we will see clash between Turkey and Russia "technically" in Syria. Putin's is a master of brinkmanship - but this time he believes he does not have much to loose - either way he is out of the Kremlin. Could not care less about collateral damage from his own people 
Erdogan will be left alone - as he continues to disregard warnings from the US and NATO.
Bulgaria should keep an arm's length from both Russia and Turkey - two autocrats clash and a war is in the making. 
Lots of implications for NATO and Black sea tension will hit all time highs.
Both Putin and Erdogan interested in playing the refugees' card. Expect a new refugee wave following intensive fighting in Syria.

Sleepless nights ahead. Please keep on sending hot lines from the newswire.
Bulgaria is in the front line. But it will not be Russians against Turks - it will be Bulgarians against Bulgarians.
Time for real leadership.

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