събота, 5 септември 2015 г.

Forthcoming Analysis - The refugees as geostrategic weapon in the power play against the European Union

EU intelligence and secret services, all its diplomatic resources failed to identify and alert on the new potential geopolitical weapon in the hybrid war against the European Union. Russia's new strategy in Syria. The revenge of the Saudi's for the demise of their oil wealth? Or the Islamic State's revenge against the EU - better than terrorist attacks - all they have to do is spread fear and terror in Syria? The refugees have put the EU under enormous strain - threatening its core existence. Who is interested?
All interested to receive the analysis prior to publication due Wednesday, September 9-th, 2015 and in full should right to cbbsinfocenter@gmail.com. It will be available for private deliveries  after Friday, August 28 mid day.

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