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My personal revolution has begun. I will not live under authoritarian ever again

My revolution has begun. I won’t live a second time under authoritarian rule.
Like any of you I find it increasingly hard to work not because work is lacking. I have almost completely emigrated so far as business is concerned.
I read that the Council for Electronic Media and the receiver of TV7 raced in sync to cut Luba Kulezich’s show off the air.  Shortly after, Vivacom, Blizoo, and other channels cut the broadcast well into its ten minutes.
Turkey banned Shakespeare and other classics. We support Erdogan by giving him back those who oppose him. We breached the age-old tradition to shelter the persecuted and the dissenters. Why?  Because our current leader has “considerations”. Rather than have Turkey europeanized, what we get is us erdoganized. You bet, our leaders genuinely envy his total control= Or Putin’s for that matter.
Bulgaria bans dissidence and journalists that are an inconvenience to those in power.  I know the mechanism of evading responsibility, as with the case of the mayor of Perushtiza. The ruling party GERB will claim they have no idea who is behind, while Peevski will profess he is in Dubai. Some  rank lieutenant will take on the guilt. In the end everyone is confused, no one is culpable, the broadcast is cancelled, the mayor imprisoned, and the protocols from the elections forged. 
Socialist militiamen pranks: they never made it to become policemen respected by society.
A foreign ambassador says what we all know to be the case and the government’s “hounds”– just as in communist times – race to crucify him. Those who embezzle millions and billions rush to “prove” iniquity because of 3000 leva, for which, moreover, there is flawless documentation in terms of accounting and application. The degradation is so deep and extensive that I see no other way out but to revolt in person.
Those above depend on me, on my taxes, on my payments for firms that serve them. That is why I decided to make a list of payments that I could redirect from “their” firms.
To begin with, I will cancel my contract with Vivacom for TV and internet: not only because they are controlled by structures connected to Peevski and to obscure Russian funds but also because without the consent of their subscribers they cancelled  the broadcast of Luba Kulezich’s show.
Since obscure structures are in control of the telecom I don’t have faith in the security of my phone calls.  So I cross them out. Evrocom and Blizoo have done the same. So I cross them out from my list as well.  Exactly as I do with trolls and haters in Facebook.
If need be I will remain with just broadcast TV or without TV altogether but I won’t give my money to those structures, or welcome them in my home, or in my mind. Nowadays I can be sufficiently informed without the “central” means for mass information.  Even the objective knowledge that I get won’t suffer, on the contrary, it will be emancipated from the biased filters of those in power.
I won’t read their newspapers or their magazines. I won’t listen to their leaders if not for other reasons then surely because they are appallingly mediocre compared to global standards for leadership.
I won’t use their banks, gas stations, or shops. It’s only logical: you give your money to their banks which then grant credits to their media to manipulate you and in the end the money are not paid back so the banks either go bankrupt or compensate their “losses” by lowering the interest on your deposits or raising service fees. And you wait in vain for the intervention of the “authorities”, to say nothing of the Bulgarian National Bank.

Or why buy more expensive gasoline or diesel from gas stations at least by twenty cents per litre that end up funding the model that robs and controls you.
You finance your own enslavement.  It all begins with your consent to pay them. You might say you have no alternative as you don’t want to protest agreeing to be charged with private taxes. But this is your own choice because there are alternatives, and they are plentiful.
That is why I don’t shop at Lafka and don’t play the National lottery. I make my own world, with my rules and likeminded people with whom I share the same values.
I took part in the sports lottery fully aware that Bulgarian sports benefit from it. But I found out that their models are prepared by a rival private company, i.e. all hope is gone there, too.
I call upon each of you before you go and buy your easy luck ticket and start scratching it with a coin, please ask the vendor how many people have won before you? So far the only answer I ever got was: not even one.  
By the way family finance will benefit from this.
Or else, it will turn out that we buy the rope with which they hang us. 
In the end I will rely only on the computer and… bye-bye controlled media. As my daughter does.  She watches only what interests her. Until recently I found her “strange”. It turns out I was lagging behind.
If I were Luba I would start broadcasting a paid channel on Youtube. I would pay for the journalists I like, for their show. Rather than watch reality shows, farms, chalga and celebrities kicking a ball.
We have to learn not to blindly give away our money to those who deprive us of our choices. Better pay for commercials in social media, websites and internet shows that you like. Forget about phone service providers that comfort the government – there are enough internet telephones; don’t watch their TV programs – there are so many websites with genuine journalism.
Start your own private revolution. Turn off the TV and enjoy the silence and your ability to be by yourself and remain sane. Transform your TV in a monitor for your internet connection.
Nowadays technology enables us to cut free from central media, from central parties and politicians, from central heating, from central electricity providers: all such central systems are bound to networks that entangle you in dependency and control you.
This rule is totalitarian and not by accident. I have no longer an excuse to fool myself, not after the letter by Tzvetan Vassilev who is one of them and who exposed the whole ugliness of the mechanisms through which they rob and oppress us. Their model depleted the resources for which it was reprogramed back in 1989. The same people and their heirs are in power. We are once again in opposition.
Today, however, you and I have an alternative: our personal revolutions. Changing the model by which we live and by which we interact with those in power as we gradually isolate ourselves from their networks of dependence and refuse to unconditionally cooperate with them.  

I don’t need be ‘united’ with them. Keeping a safe distance on the basis of values is healthy for the well-being and the future of the nation.

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